Raid Add-Ons
Raid Add-Ons
By Klink
Hellhawk Saturday August 27 2005


The use of add-ons becomes very important in the high level game especially when in a 40 man raid. The first two add-ons listed are extremely useful for a priest and will help make for a successful raid. The others listed are just add-ons I happen to like.

CT Raid Assist

For raiding with Hell-Inc this add-on is essential for all players. Even if you chose to use the in game raid display your status will not display correctly to the priests that do use it. This has an effect in two notable areas; 1) buff icons never fade so a priest dosent know when to reapply 2) the icon for renew shows up permanently so it is difficult to tell when the HOT should be reapplied. Debuffs may not show up either making it difficult for the priest to know when to dispel a negative effect.

This add-on also has a mana conserve feature built in. It is imperative that a priest use a man conserve add-on for effectiveness in a large raid. The worst waste of mana is healing a target that doesn’t need it or over-healing. This feature automatically aborts a greater heal or a flash heal if the target has above a certain percentage of his health. The percentage can be set by the user and the best setting will vary dependant upon the priests play style and gear. A good rule of thumb is to set flash heal to 85% of the targets health. To further conserve mana and allow for effectiveness of heal over time spells you can sometimes use level 5 flash heal rather than level 7 (a good example of this is when you have several priests flash healing the same tank in a very long fight). As for greater heal I virtually never use this during a fight as one of 2 things will generally result: my target is dead because it took to long to cast or the spell was aborted because someone else used a flash heal to save the target and my spell aborted. Greater heal is generally ineffective in high level content. You may get lucky and get a greater heal off occasionally but it is very risky to use generally and for it to actually be mana efficient you have to wait for the target to be quite low on health so it takes full effect. To assist you in knowing when a heal will be effective you can set CT-Raid to show heath as a percentage of the total under general options.

In order to reduce the amount of on screen space taken up by the party windows you can scale down the size under additional options. I find 75% works well for me but this will vary dramatically dependant on the resolution at which you run the game and your monitor. I also like to hide the party frame under general options and display all groups including my own in the same format

CT-Raid also includes warnings for bosses in Molten core that will alert you to important events with a message and an audible warning. There is nothing worse than fighting Baron Geddon in the Molten Core and blowing up your party because you didn’t realize you were “THE BOMB”. Generally you should tweak the settings so you are the only one that receives the warning and not broadcast it to the raid. There are many other warnings given for other boss mobs, but this is the one I really find useful. I hate getting yelled at for wiping the entire raid (even if they don’t yell you still know what they are thinking) and its embarrassing to boot.

CT-Raid will is also configurable as to the buffs and debuffs that will be displayed next to a party member. Go into the buff options menu and turn off the display for all buffs other than the ones that you can cast. This allows you to see easily whose buffs have faded so you can reapply. Also turn off the display for all of the debuffs which you can do nothing about (all but magic and disease for priests). I also like to click the box “display buffs until debuffed.” These setting allow you to easily see the information that is most important to you.

There are many other features available with CT-Raid I have only highlighted a few here that I feel are the most useful. The only legitimate criticism I have found for this add-on is there is a slight delay in the reporting of a player’s status. However, I find this to be overcome by the other features and your main concern will be your tank in the high lvl content so you will generally have him targeted so you will see his status in the target display which is unaffected by this.\


This add-on automatically removes debuffs from players without having to target. It will search all players in the raid for debuffs and cast the lowest level spell possible to remove the deleterious effect. By default it first will check your target than yourself than the rest of your group and than the rest of the raid. You can however override the default and have it check and remove in any order of players you choose. Many times it is more important to remove debuffs than it is to heal. This add-on allows for this. Decursive also ignores debuffs on targets that they have no real effect on their performance such as intellect debuffs for rogues and warriors. This add-on can easily make or break the success of a raid and is almost essential on several of the Molten Core boss mob encounters unless you want to bring a dozen or so priests.

Damage Meters

The displayed results for persons other than yourself and those you have synced with are highly suspect as many times you will not receive complete information on others when they are out of range. Out of combat healing is also added into the total healing done further skewing the numbers. However, this add-on can supply you with useful information on whether your own play style is effective or how you may become more effective. For example: You can find out what your critical hit rate is on your heals or see what spells do most of your healing and use this information to help decide which talents are best for your play style. You can also reset the meter at the beginning of a boss mob encounter and easily review what types of damage you took such as shadow or fire and adjust your resistances or the use of protection potions accordingly.

Be very careful when analyzing the raw numbers with this add-on it is very easy to try and take some of the numbers and think, “Hey, I healed more so I must be doing a better job.” But this is not necessarily the case, although it can be an indicator. Some of the factors to think about if you choose to make this type of analysis are: Am I receiving a full report from the others; were they using spells which don’t add to the healing numbers such as dispel, cure disease or shield; how is the other person specced? for heavy fast healing or long term; is the other person not as well equipped with items; how many consumable items did the other person use. It is very important to use the information this mod can provide constructively. That is to help other people become better players by judicious use and to improve upon your own play style.


This add-on records the locations from which you have gathered crafting items such as herbs and ore and displays them on the mini map with small icons. This can be very useful for when you are out collecting herbs for potions for to bring top the big weekend raid for example. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “now where was that good spot I know its here somewhere” or “have they already been picked or am I in the wrong area?” this add-on is for you.

Good Inspect

This add-on allows you to inspect another players items form a much longer distance. When trying to inspect the items of that fool that never quits jumping or running around this add-on is a must. (the out of date version seem to work just fine).

Reputation Mod

This add-on allows you to see your faction rating in numerical terms such as 3000/12000. This is helpful in seeing how much reputation you are gaining for killing a particular mob or turning in a particular item. Answers the question of, “My god how many more of those to I need to do?” now you will know exactly how many thousand more runecloth/scougestones/kingsblood/darkiron ore/etc. you need.

There are of course a huge number of add-ons available these are just a few that I have found to be useful and just as importantly stable.

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