Hell Inc. Guild Charter
Hell Inc. Charter - Revision 2.0 - April 03, 2004

I. The Charter of the Allegiance

II. Proper Chat Conduct
A. Allegiance Chat Guidelines
B. Fellowship Chat Guidelines
C. Open Chat Guidelines

III. Proper Allegiance Hunting and Looting Conduct
A. Allegiance Hunting Guidelines
B. Allegiance Looting Guidelines

IV. Proper Allegiance Quest Conduct
A. Leading an Allegiance Quest
B. Participating on an Allegiance Quest

V. Charter Closure

I. The Charter of the Allegiance

Welcome to Hell Inc. - An Asherons Call Allegiance based out of Frostfell.

Hell Inc was founded on November 2, 1999, the first day of Asherons Call retail. We started out as a small and simple group under the leadership of Hellhawk, designed with the sole purpose of uniting some friends under a common flag. Our goal was to have fun, nothing more and nothing less. We had no expectations, and never imagined things would become what they have today yet here we stand, a grand and glorious allegiance, of which we can be proud.

The ideals and goals set forth by this allegiance are as follows: to have fun, above and beyond all else; to form a group of people united under one flag with common goals and interests; to share knowledge and experience to help each other; and to help those less fortunate. We are a group of people, working together, striving for a greater good - a group of people looking to face new challenges and overcome new obstacles.

We do not believe in an allegiance based solely on the distribution of loot or the gaining of experience. We do not pride ourselves with experience chains or combat macros. We have a belief that this hampers the friendships that could be formed between a vassal and their patron, and therefore are not allowed. We do not believe in profit at the expense of others. As it has been said many times over, it is not about numbers, rank, experience, or loot. It is about who we are. It is about the quality of the people we surround ourselves with and the dignity and the pride that we carry with us. It is about the fact that we have something we have built through hard work, over time that we can stand up and take pride in.

When you join Hell Inc., you are not just signing on to some allegiance. You are joining a well respected and hard built family - a place where some of the friendliest, warmest and most loyal people I have ever met now reside. We are and always will be a family, first, and an allegiance, second. In times of trouble and times of joy, there will always be one thing we can count on...each other.

What should you expect from us, then? When you join us, we don't promise to shower you with incredible loot or awesome items. If your Patron decides to help you out in that respect, more power to him and you should be all the more grateful; however, please don't expect it because that is NOT what this allegiance is built on or about. Do not expect to be TWINKED by your Patron; again, if yours has the time and ability and mood to do this, it is a personal choice and never to be expected. Look to the website for support from family members who ARE able to help you with Loot, Armor and any other personal contracts you wish to make with those willing. Our Website is the hub of our family and facilitates communication and addresses all needs of the Allegiance. If you chose to make your presence known there, you will reap all the benefits. In short, you get out of this allegiance what you put into it. If you are a happy hermit and wish to be left alone with nothing more than a hello from your Patron once a week, terrific, if you want only friends to quest with, there are many like you. If you are into Role Playing you can find posts asking for group involvement. If you want to learn how to be a leader and step up and run things, we give you the reins to run with AND a fancy title if you so desire. The people who post most often on the site tend to find what they are searching for,

There are times when our family is large, and times when it dwindles to a few hundred. Some fear that they may get lost as the 15th generation in such a huge organization. Our size means very little but a testament to the success of the people who make us what we are. No one is too small to chat with; no one is too elite to be approached. We have never forced anyone to leave a Patron for rank or other purposes, nor will we ask anyone to. A person's feelings and comfort come before anything else. If one particular Patron is not a good match for you, rest assured we can find you another from a wide variety.

If you are looking for a group of people to welcome you in with open arms, if you are looking for a place to make a new home and a place to meet new people with whom you can quest and explore, then perhaps this allegiance is right for you.

II. Proper Allegiance Chat and Fellowship Chat Conduct

The most important part of any successful allegiance is communication, but there are, as in many things, right, and wrong ways with the use of communication. Below are the communication channels that are included into governing over the council within the allegiance. A good rule of thumb is to always respect your fellows in the allegiance, this should also extend outside the allegiance, but these channels will be enforced only by the council.

Racial and Sexual insults/harassment

Racial and Sexual Insults and Harassment have no place within this allegiance. If you are caught in any channel of communication in the game using Racial or Sexual Insults or Harassment, you will be removed from this allegiance with no questions asked. You can also expect to be reported to an Envoy as it falls under breach of the AC COC.

The “Accidental Clause” does not pertain to this guideline.

A. Allegiance Chat Guidelines

Allegiance chat is accessible by anyone, and everyone in the allegiance by game dynamics. This channel of communication is the most important channel in the game for allegiance communication. But there are some guidelines we must all follow in order to respect one another.

Please Click Here for a list of words not permitted in Allegiance Chat (Disclaimer: By clicking on this link you agree you that you are over the age of 13 or have asked for parental permission to view the list)

If you are caught in violation of this guideline, you will be given a warning on your first offense to refrain from use of the word in allegiance chat.

Second offense will result in a “last warning”

Third offense you will be removed from the allegiance.

The Accidental Clause

Accidents do happen, and some people have private conversations with others and sometimes they do slip and say something to the wrong channel. With this, we just expect you to admit your mistake, and give an apology for the mishap. We are not perfect and from time to time accidents do happen.

B. Allegiance Fellowship Chat

Allegiance Fellowship Chat is defined by the council as any fellowship formed for Allegiance Events. This includes quests, and hunting parties.

Allegiance Fellowship Chat should be treated at Allegiance Chat however, if you are in a fellow that you are positively sure you can be open, you are welcome to it, but however if someone does ask you to respect not to curse, please resepct their wishes.

C. Open Chat Guidelines

Open Chat should be treated as any other channel within the Allegance. As a rule of thumb we ask not to say anything in open chat that will reflect badly on the allegiance.

III. Proper Allegiance Hunting and Looting Conduct

A. Allegiance Hunting Fellows

Allegiance Hunting Fellows should follow these guidelines to make sure they are fair to all parties.

If a fellow is being formed for an allegiance hunt, the fellow leader has the choice of making it an open fellow (anyone can join given they meet the level requirements of the mobs) or a structured fellow (level requirement and x amount of Damage dealers, healers, etc). Once a structured fellow has filled up with all the proper class’s to insure a stable fellow, nobody should be denied a place due to their class.

Should a fellow leader have to get someone outside the allegiance to fill a spot in the fellow that is needed, and the fellow then becomes full, the leader should not drop the non-allegiance member should an allegiance member who can replace that class come available.

B. Allegiance Looting Conduct

When engaged with Allegiance Members in a hunting fellow, or on a quest, the leader of the group should set down order of looting. No allegiance member should ever ninja loot. This is disrespectful to those around you. On quests where a quest leader asks that everyone move away from a corpse and wait to be called on to loot, you must do so. If you are caught looting a quest item out of turn, you will be removed from the quest fellow, and banned from allegiance quests for one weeks time, on a repeat offense, you will be removed from the Allegiance.

When in a Hunting fellow, you must wait tell everyone is done killing, you are apart of a team, you should wait until everything around you within harms way has been killed before looting. If the Fellow Leader catches you looting at the expense of the fellow, he has the right to remove you, and report you to a Council Member, in which you will be given a warning. If you continue to practice looting while others are fighting at there expense, you will be removed from the Allegiance.

IV. Proper Allegiance Quest Conduct

Allegiance Quests are defined by the council as quests that are scheduled by Allegiance members on the forums and posted to the Calendar and MOTD. These quests are meant for Allegiance Members Only. If you have a friend from another Allegiance that you would like to join with you, you must clear it with the Quest Leader First. Failure to do so will result in removal of Allegiance Questing Privileges for 1 week’s time for the first offense, and removal from the allegiance on future offenses.

A. Leading Allegiance Quests

Allegiance members who wish to run Allegiance Quests are encouraged to do so under the following terms.

1. Quest must be posted to the Scheduled Events Forum at least 24 hours in Advance.
2. Quest Leader does not schedule quests during already occupied quest times for like difficulty levels.

3. Time scheduled should not be “excessive”.

4. Quest Leaders are encouraged to “Lay Down the Rules” Prior to leaving for quest.

5. Quest Leaders Practice “Fair Judgment”

B. Participating in Allegiance Quests

When participating in Allegiance Quests you must at all times follow the quest leader’s rules and orders. If you are caught out of line, the leader has the right to remove you from the quest, and report to an Allegiance Councilor.

If a Quest Leader Reports you to an Councilor the Following Actions will be taken.

First Offense: Councilor Warning

Second Offense: Last Chance Warning and One Week Removal from Allegiance Quests

Third Offense: Removal from Allegiance

V. Charter Closure

Thank you for taking the time to read the Charter. All portions of this charter must be abided by in this Allegiance. The Guidelines in this Charter are Subject to Change at anytime. Councilors have the right to interpret this Charter as they see fit for any situation they feel appropriate. Officers have the right to skip warning levels depending on situation.

Certified by The Council of Hell Inc.
April 3rd, 2004

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