We are back...
Posted Wednesday May 20 2009 - 07:36AM

Well the site is back, unfortunately, the last backup I actually downloaded from the server was back in October, so some of you may have problems logging in and will need to register again.

I will be working on getting some things streamlined. We are on a new server and host, so I need to still double check some things, and get them in line. Right now, if you want to use IRC, you must have an IRC Client such as MIRC installed.

the server info is the following

server: irc.hell-inc.com
port: 6667
channel: #hell

I am currently running IRC on my Laptop, so... yah... Plus I'm moving this weekend so there will be some outages with it.

Anyways... Yah...

Squal ...

Asheron's Call news: Shadowfell -test server-
Posted Saturday October 04 2008 - 02:29AM

*Edit - The test was cancelled is on, SERVER IS UP, for the weekend of Oct 03 and I will create a new post when they actually get the server operational.

We are going to be getting new hardware in Asheron's Call and this time around Frostfell was copied for the test server. Woohoo!
It's been at least 5 years since Shadowclaim test server was last opened so this weekend promises to offer some interesting play for those willing to deal with a stress test environment.

There will be levelling tokens (probably up to lvl 260), chests spawning all sorts of spell scrolls, loot & gear to help people gear up and then the icing on the cake is when the Dev's run a live event or just putz around the world spawning stuff for the players...and to stress test the hardware.

There's a free 14 day trial and as far as I know you can log into shadowfell with a trail account, so if you ever wondered what it would be like to spend 100 billion xp into a template now is your chance.

[Submitted by Fzzt]

Fzzt ...

Hell Inc In AoC (Age of Conan)
Posted Friday May 16 2008 - 04:54PM

Myself, and several others will be starting a branch of Hell Inc in Age of Conan this weekend, when early access opens. We will be starting out on the Derketo server. Anyone is welcome to join us there. You can contact me for more information. Quite a few people will be trying it out with us.

We'll also be address the server issues very shortly. If anyone knows of any hosting sites, please get in contact with me ASAP. I'd like to get a fully functioning, and workable web site up and running ASAP so we can maintain decent communication in AoC. This is one thing that was severely or is severely lacking in WoW.

Hellhawk ...

State Of The Guild - 5/16/08
Posted Friday May 16 2008 - 04:52PM

I originally was not going to post anything about this, but then I read something this morning. One of WoW's most prominent and well known guilds, Death & Taxes has disbanded. While we were never as well known, as progressed or even as skilled as they were, the reasons for their disbanding struck a chord with me. Many of the problems they ran into are the same problems that put is in the situation we are in now. Many of their problems were the very same we ran into.

Effective immediately, all 25 man raids are suspended until the expansion. There will still be 5 and 10 man runs, and most of us will still be around. However, any and all major raiding has come to a stop. Many of you have seen this coming, so I'm sure this comes as no surprise. It was time though, to make it official. This is something I have long avoided and something I really did not want to face. You may be asking why and what happened? Well, let me tell you...

For years I have taken responsibility for this guild, it's actions and the blame when anything has gone wrong. Today, I take a stand and I deter from that normal route. This guild was made up of more than just me. It was once made up of a strong, dedicated group of people who had pride in the guild and who had a desire to work towards being something bigger and better. We once had a strong, skilled, and dedicated raid team that had a desire to progress, a desire to meet new challenges, and a desire to excel. A group of people who would not turn tail and run at the first sign of adversity. A group of people who did not turn at facing insurmountable odds, but relished in meeting an exciting and impossible challenge head on.

The only thing I ever asked of people was that you show up, and you give your best effort. That you understand and realize, that we as a guild, are a team. We share in the victories and the defeats, as a team. We weather the tough times, together, as a team, and we bask in whatever glory we achieve, as a team. Somewhere along the line, people lost sight of all of this. People stopped seeing that we were a team, working together, to achieve something greater. Instead, people started thinking about themselves, and no one else. Somewhere along the line, many people just stopped caring.

People started to became frustrated with the fact we were not progressing fast enough. They believed our efforts were simply not good enough. They started to think we should be beating new encounters the first time, and were unwilling to put forth the work and effort to learn things over time. Eventually, people just stopped showing up, with no word. Instead of taking the high road and having the decency to tell us they could no longer raid, they kept us waiting. They made hollow promises, and lead us to believe we could depend on them, and I like a fool, believed people and had faith in them. I believed that these people were genuinely loyal to the guild, and shared my vision of where we could take this guild. As DnT put it, these people did not even have the common decency to quit. They promised, time after time, that they would be here and then never showed. You want to know why we are where we are folks? Take a good look in the mirror.

Fast forward to today. We have fallen far from where we once were. We once had pride in our guild and we once stood upon a pillar, at the top. Now, we stand in ruins.

I want to thank the Officers who shared my views and my vision of making this guild great. I want to thank the few (very few players), who's unwavering loyalty and dedication served as the chief reasons for the progress we were able to achieve. Many of you know if you were guilty of what I've spoke of here. We had a strong potential as a guild to be great...and many of you took this for granted and dismissed it.

Great guilds are not born, they are made, through hard work, and through unwavering dedication. It takes people of great skill, and great character to achieve great things. We had those people long ago, but they have since moved on. Too many good, decent, and skilled players got replaced...with people who simply could not make it. Over time the temporary fillers became the vast majority, and the skilled, and dedicated players that had carried us to success had become the minority.

Times changed, and all things must end. This guild was first formed in 1999, back in AC1. We have survived almost 10 years, through multiple games, and we will continue to do so, wherever we wind up. That much is certain and that much is true. This is merely the end of one chapter, and the beginning of the next in the long history of Hell Inc.

We will be laying low, and maintaining our presence in WoW throughout the year and until the expansion comes out. We will see what happens then. We will also be starting up a branch in AoC (Age of Conan), on the Derketo server.

Hellhawk ...

Rule The Seas - A New Hell Inc Endeavor
Posted Wednesday March 07 2007 - 12:48AM

Greetings Hellions!

A few of us have started playing a new Browser-based game called Rule the Seas. Hellhawk has decided to start a branch of our group over there!

If you are interested, please use one of our referral links. Anyone who signs up with mine, I will donate the points received to the Gang general fund.
Mine: http://www.ruletheseas.com/index.php?r=2134

Hellhawk: http://www.ruletheseas.com/index.php?r=4715

Squal: http://www.ruletheseas.com/index.php?r=2898

Tazzer ...

IRC Back up
Posted Sunday December 17 2006 - 06:56PM

IRC is back. Have not heard from Squal so I do not know the full status, if this is temporary, or all is well again.

Edit: Got word from Squal, he's at work. Got some problems there, but IRC should be good to go and Voice server should be up soon if it isn't already.

Tazzer ...

Power Outage and IRC
Posted Saturday December 16 2006 - 11:24PM

Squal has experienced some power outtages with the high winds and weather in the area. Server reboots okay for the website, obviously, but IRC needs to be manually restarted. He's frozen, but alive.

Tazzer ...

Happy Birthday AC! Asheron's Call Turns 7 Years Old!
Posted Friday November 03 2006 - 12:01AM

Yes, that's right. Asheron's Call is officially 7 years old! The place where Hell began!

Tazzer ...

OMG a New Poll
Posted Saturday October 07 2006 - 07:57PM

Ok, I got sick of looking at the old Poll on the front page, so I posted up a new one.

With the PS3 and the Wii Launching just around the corner, and Christmas upon us soon, which Console (Or Consoles) are you interested in getting?

Personally for me, I already have a 360, and Plan on getting a Wii next month.

Squal ...

September 11, 2006: 5 Years after a Tragedy
Posted Monday September 11 2006 - 05:04PM

5 Years Ago Today, the will and strength of a Nation were tested. Those who brought destruction, planned for fear to be struck into the hearts of the Americans that they attacked. What they would see is what we have been telling the world year after year, since the creation of this Nation, Unity.

Not only did the attack unite the American public, it united a world. Even if for a short while, we saw the absolute worst of mankind, and the absolute best.

The best of which we as a race have strived to accomplish for millennium after millennium. .

Today, we honor those lost. We honor the Office worker who never asked to be put on a front line. We honor the Hero’s who rushed into a burning and collapsing building, never to exit. We honor the civilians who fought back, and brought down a plane, knowing it meant their very own death. We honor those who lived and we honor those who died.

Today, we honor our humanity, the absolute best of it.

Please take a moment, to bow your head in silence today. Regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of nationality, bow your head in respect to your fellow man.

Squal ...

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