The State of the Server *Hell Inc. Webserver*
Posted Tuesday June 27 2006 - 07:52AM

Just wanted to let everyone know, that I have worked out terms with my old employer to keep the Hell Inc. Webserver Co-Located at my old workplace.

What does this mean?

This means that none of the current services will be affected and there will be no move.

How this is good and how this is bad?

This is good because we will continue to have the bandwidth to host the services that Hell Inc has been using (Dedicated Downloads, Voice Server, IRC, Website, Etc).

How this is bad.

The only issue that will eventually rise will that something is bound to happen. Murphy's law dictates that if it can happen. It will. My new residence and job is located about 5 hours away from where the server is co-located.

If it requires a simple restart, and it is durring the week. This can be accomplished durring the normal business hours.

If it requires a restart durring the weekend, then it will probably have to wait until the next business day.

Overall, the server has been ok. And there are still plans for a new server (You can speed this up by hitting the paypal link at the bottem of this page!). So far we are about halfway there. Just recently we recieved a very generous Donation from an individual.

I wish everyone well. I won't be around much to monitor things, so if there are issues they will need to be reported to one of the following people who know how to get ahold of me.


Everyone take care.

Squal ...

Hell Inc Downs The Twin Emperors!
Posted Saturday June 17 2006 - 05:42AM

We finally did it foks. Late Friday evening, just short of midnight EST, Hell Inc dropped the Twin Emps. It had been a long night and we had gone through several wipes at around 20-30%. We decided to hang in there and re-flask for a few more attempts. On our second re-flasked attempted, we dropped the Twin Emps in roughly 10 minutes with almost perfect execution and only a few deaths!

It's been a long hard road the past few months. Hell Inc has undergone many changes, especially in regards to our roster. We've lost some good people over the past month, some being some of our oldest and members. We've also gained a lot of new people who have proven they have the skill and determination to meet our standards.

We thought we had seen the worst with Princess Huhuran, but she was only the beginning. The Twin Emps were definitely the hardest challenge to date, not only because of the difficulty of the fight but the constant changes we, as a guild have undergone the past month and the transitions we've faced and the new faces we've brought in and trained.

We've been fighting a challenge on two fronts the past month. Learning the Twin Emps with a constantly changing raid group and traning and bringing new people up to speed and gearing them up. I'm proud to say we won one and we're winning the other.

Next stop, C'Thun. Congratulations everyone!

Edit: Thanks to Alduzan for the FRAPS of our first Twin Emps kill.


Hellhawk ...

Personal News That Will affect Hell Inc. Website
Posted Thursday June 15 2006 - 07:30AM

I have some Personal News, exciting news, that will overall affect the Hell Inc. Website, and some of the services I've provided over the years to Hell Inc.

On Wednesday, June 27th. The Hell Inc. Server will be brought down, and transported back to my Parents home, where it will reside for the next month or so.

Because of this move, from a 100 Meg Full Duplex Connection to a 512k DSL Line, I will be shutting down both the Downloads Area, and the TeamSpeak Server.

I know alot of people use these Resources, however, I will no longer be able to host the Server from its current Location.

Little Info into what is going on.

Last Week, I was contacted about a Network Administrators Job in Bellevue Washington. Over the last week, I was involved in a couple of Phone Interviews, and Emails, and Yesterday (Tuesday, June the 13th) I Was in Bellevue to take a tour of the company, and meet the rest of the IT Department.

This morning (Wednesday June the 14th) Sometime around 7:45am (In the middle of my shower) I recieved a call from HR offering me the job.

The job is a substantial increase in pay for me (Almost 3 fold), and the company has shown me some that it really does care for the employee's that make up the company.

Because of this, I turned in my Letter of Resignation this morning to my Current Employer.

As of the 28th, I will be leaving my current Job, and on the 29th, I will be starting my new one.

I will be moving the server the night before, as I will leave from work, and make my Drive to Bellevue. I will be staying with one of my best friends of 17 years for the first few weeks while I get on my feet and find a place of my own.

After I get a place of my own, I will move the server to Bellevue, and potentially put it on a dedicated line (DSL or Cable), where I will enable the Team Speak once more. The Downloads will continue to be disabled.

Now, in the event that I do not get a dedicated Line for the Webserver, I will continue to run it without Team Speak and Without The Downloads Section.

I will keep you all posted of the progress.

Thank You...


Squal ...

AQ Updates, Speed Records & More!
Posted Thursday May 11 2006 - 06:05AM

I don't often post this stuff on the front page but I need to get the news about the umm, guild malfunction to scroll down. So...in other news. I want to give props to everyone for all our speed record runs last week. Clearing MC in just under 2 1/2 hours and clearing BWL in just over 3 hours. Those have been our best clear times so far and they were fun runs to boot! My next goal will be a 2 hour MC clear and a 2 1/2 hour BWL clear. Should be fun....and perhaps we can kill the mages just a bit...more..err, I mean less....

In other news, AQ progress wise...we got a chance to meet up with the next AQ boss, the Twin Emperors last week. We'll be returning this week to wipe to them repeatedly, over and over again. Hopefully though, during one of those wipes, we'll take them with us. You never know...

Keep up the good work folks!

Hellhawk ...

Hell Inc Has Been Restored!
Posted Tuesday May 09 2006 - 08:29PM

At approximately 3:30 PM EST today (Tuesday) I spoke with another GM who escalated our guild issue to a senior game specialist. I was contacted shortly after, by a Senior Game Master. This GM was able to force me back into our old guild which apparently still existed. He re-instated me and restored me as the Guild Master. We have our old name back folks and a valuable lesson has been learned here! Contact an Officer for invite, or do /Who Hell Inc to find someone who can invite you.

Again, sorry for the issues folks.

Hellhawk ...

Temporary Guild Issues
Posted Tuesday May 09 2006 - 06:36AM

On Monday evening, at roughly 11:45 PM EST, Hell Inc experienced a minor guild malfunction. The guild was mistakenly disbanded. After several attempts to reform with the old name, it could not be done. Someone either maliciously stole the name or it is somehow held up in Blizzards database and records as still existing.

Thus we have reformed as Hell Incorporated. We are still Hell Inc...we simply stopped abbreviating the Inc part. Same guild, same people. Anyone needing a guild invite can still do a /Who Hell Inc and ask for an Officer who is on to invite you.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hellhawk ...

Princess Huhuran...DOWN!
Posted Saturday April 29 2006 - 05:47AM

I was going to post an update last week, saying that we had gotten Huhuran down to 20% but it did not seem worth really mentioning. It was simply not enough. We vowed to come back this week, better prepared, with a new and improved strategy, and ready to drop her. We came, we saw, and we dropped her like a bad habit.

All I have to say is resist fights FTL! Having to come up with a make shift strategy to get past the severe lack of decent NR gear was interesting. I have to commend everyone on a job well done for getting past this exceptionally annoying encounter. With only 2 weeks worth of real tries on her, we showed her who was boss.

Onwards to the Twin Emperors!

Edit: If you're interested in seeing out first fight vs Princess Huhuran, you can download a FRAPS of it here:


Thanks to Alduzan for making this possible.

Hellhawk ...

Princess Huhuran Lives....For Now...
Posted Tuesday April 11 2006 - 05:27AM

Last week, we had the first four bosses in AQ cleared on Thursday and we finally got a chance to spend a day hitting up Huhuran. Sadly, we did not drop her. Our best try was down to almost 20%. However, we've got the strategy and the execution. We just need the NR gear now (Thanks Blizz for yet another resist fight). I predict the Princess should be going down very soon...hopefully this week.

Great job in AQ last week guys.

Hellhawk ...

Fankriss the Unyielding Finally Yields...
Posted Sunday March 26 2006 - 11:52AM

So after doing a full BW clear Saturday, we decided to head back and take a few more attempts at Fankriss before our instance resets on Tuesday. We made our way over to AQ, buffed up and set out, determined this time to not let the lag stop us. First try, Fankriss down and no lag there to save him this time.

Great job folks, and of course had to go ahead to check out who would be next on the list, Princess Huhuran. Our first and only attempt of the night on her left her at 28%.

I doubt it will be long before she falls as well.

Hellhawk ...

Fankriss the Unyielding...Saved by Blizzard's Servers...
Posted Friday March 24 2006 - 04:50AM

So...tonight, we finally got a few solid attempts at Fankriss, if you can call it that. Through insane lag we fought through the Royal Trio and Sartura and bested both. Unfortunately, Blizzard won out and we wiped on Fankriss at 16% and 1%. Had it not been for Blizzard's poor servers and the 1,000+ ping in AQ all night, Fankriss would be another notch on our belt. Until next time folks...

The execution is there. We just need to have the lag take a day off...

Hellhawk ...

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