Building a new server....
Posted Thursday March 02 2006 - 10:33AM

As many of you know, our server has been slowing down a lot lately. It's gotten to the point where it takes several minutes just to open a post or refresh the forums. The time has come to attempt to remedy the issue of our age old server, and to buy a new one.

Unfortunately, this is something that is costly and so I am making this news post in an attempt to try and raise the money to solve this growing problem. The administrator for our server, Squal has compiled a new server to build and a budget. The budget is $1200. That is the goal for which we are trying to reach.

At the moment, I believe we have 25% of that goal and have begun the process of getting the parts. Anyone who is interested in making a donation can contact me in game and I will provde the information needed for whatever form they wish to do.

Please note that, making or not making a donation has no affect on anything. My goal here is to try and get a new server build so that we can enjoy faster forums, better voice chat and smooth chat on IRC.

Anyone who wishes to donate is welcome to do so. It's not required, nor expected of anyone. I realize not everyone has the money to do this. If you wish to donate though, it's graciously appreciated by myself and by everyone here.

Hell Inc is a long and proud standing guild. We've been running on this server for many, many years and the need to upgrade has now become critical.

Thank you for your time.

Hellhawk ...

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