Personal News That Will affect Hell Inc. Website
Posted Thursday June 15 2006 - 07:30AM

I have some Personal News, exciting news, that will overall affect the Hell Inc. Website, and some of the services I've provided over the years to Hell Inc.

On Wednesday, June 27th. The Hell Inc. Server will be brought down, and transported back to my Parents home, where it will reside for the next month or so.

Because of this move, from a 100 Meg Full Duplex Connection to a 512k DSL Line, I will be shutting down both the Downloads Area, and the TeamSpeak Server.

I know alot of people use these Resources, however, I will no longer be able to host the Server from its current Location.

Little Info into what is going on.

Last Week, I was contacted about a Network Administrators Job in Bellevue Washington. Over the last week, I was involved in a couple of Phone Interviews, and Emails, and Yesterday (Tuesday, June the 13th) I Was in Bellevue to take a tour of the company, and meet the rest of the IT Department.

This morning (Wednesday June the 14th) Sometime around 7:45am (In the middle of my shower) I recieved a call from HR offering me the job.

The job is a substantial increase in pay for me (Almost 3 fold), and the company has shown me some that it really does care for the employee's that make up the company.

Because of this, I turned in my Letter of Resignation this morning to my Current Employer.

As of the 28th, I will be leaving my current Job, and on the 29th, I will be starting my new one.

I will be moving the server the night before, as I will leave from work, and make my Drive to Bellevue. I will be staying with one of my best friends of 17 years for the first few weeks while I get on my feet and find a place of my own.

After I get a place of my own, I will move the server to Bellevue, and potentially put it on a dedicated line (DSL or Cable), where I will enable the Team Speak once more. The Downloads will continue to be disabled.

Now, in the event that I do not get a dedicated Line for the Webserver, I will continue to run it without Team Speak and Without The Downloads Section.

I will keep you all posted of the progress.

Thank You...


Squal ...

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