September 11, 2006: 5 Years after a Tragedy
Posted Monday September 11 2006 - 05:04PM

5 Years Ago Today, the will and strength of a Nation were tested. Those who brought destruction, planned for fear to be struck into the hearts of the Americans that they attacked. What they would see is what we have been telling the world year after year, since the creation of this Nation, Unity.

Not only did the attack unite the American public, it united a world. Even if for a short while, we saw the absolute worst of mankind, and the absolute best.

The best of which we as a race have strived to accomplish for millennium after millennium. .

Today, we honor those lost. We honor the Office worker who never asked to be put on a front line. We honor the Hero’s who rushed into a burning and collapsing building, never to exit. We honor the civilians who fought back, and brought down a plane, knowing it meant their very own death. We honor those who lived and we honor those who died.

Today, we honor our humanity, the absolute best of it.

Please take a moment, to bow your head in silence today. Regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of nationality, bow your head in respect to your fellow man.

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