Asheron's Call news: Shadowfell -test server-
Posted Saturday October 04 2008 - 02:29AM

*Edit - The test was cancelled is on, SERVER IS UP, for the weekend of Oct 03 and I will create a new post when they actually get the server operational.

We are going to be getting new hardware in Asheron's Call and this time around Frostfell was copied for the test server. Woohoo!
It's been at least 5 years since Shadowclaim test server was last opened so this weekend promises to offer some interesting play for those willing to deal with a stress test environment.

There will be levelling tokens (probably up to lvl 260), chests spawning all sorts of spell scrolls, loot & gear to help people gear up and then the icing on the cake is when the Dev's run a live event or just putz around the world spawning stuff for the players...and to stress test the hardware.

There's a free 14 day trial and as far as I know you can log into shadowfell with a trail account, so if you ever wondered what it would be like to spend 100 billion xp into a template now is your chance.

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