Welcome to the new Hell Inc. Website
Posted Tuesday June 07 2005 - 12:58AM

Well, It's been awhile, and a long wait, but it is finally here. The wait is over, and the new look is upon us. Please take a moment to register, and get yourself settled in. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer user accounts across, and you will need to re-register, and re-ask for forum access. However, there is only 1 Forum access requests now, as all users will be able to mingle with eachother. We are a clan afterall, and we want people to get to know each-other.

So please, take some time to register, and get authorized. After being authorized, a number of other features will show up on this front page, with links to articles, clan functions, and members only features!

For those wondering, the old site will remain for a couple months so that people can get whatever they want from PM's, posts, and other whatevers.

Over the next couple weeks, I'll get the web based IRC links, and other things moved over, as some new articles Hellhawk has been working on.

Another thing, for those who are wondering, the sections labled MPOG. MPOG Stands for Multi-Player Online Gaming.

This is for things like BF1942, Xbox Live and the whatnot. Since a bunch of us actually play on Xbox Live (And we do have a Halo2 Clan there) figured it would be nice to schedule events and whatnot.


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